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Halloween Sayings Halloween Phrases

As Halloween approaches and you are pulling out the old craft supplies, take note of some of these Halloween sayings that you can use for door hangers, wood blocks, Halloween yard decorations, t-shirts or just about any Halloween decoration. Although these Halloween sayings are broken out by project, you can use these phrases for just about any Halloween craft.

Halloween Phrases for Yard Signs

Halloween Sayings for Halloween Yard Decorations
Halloween yard decorations can be made in the form of spooky signs that stick into the ground, tombstones, or even a banner that hangs from the house.You can either paint them on a yard sign or print out our free template of Halloween sayings and glue them onto a yard sign. The following are some Halloween phrases that would be great in the front yard:

  • Caution! Zombie Crossing
  • Free Broom Rides
  • Ghosts Gather Here
  • Monsters On Parade
  • Spooktacular Night
  • Witch Parking, All Others Will Be Toad
  • Blood Donors Needed. See The Count
  • Off Having A Coffin Break

Free Templates of Halloween Yard Signs

Monster Parade Phrase for Halloween Yard Sign Spooktacular Phrase for Halloween Yard Sign Ghost Saying for Halloween Yard Sign
Broom Rides Phrase for Halloween Yard Sign Coffin Break Saying for Halloween Yard Sign Blood Donors Saying for Halloween Yard Sign
Witch Parking Saying for Halloween Yard Sign Zombie Crossing Saying for Halloween Yard Sign

Halloween Phrases for Door Hangers

A door hanger does not necessarily have to hang on the front door, although that is a good spot. Use one of these Halloween phrases to make a sign for the bathroom door, a bedroom door, or perhaps even just to hang on the wall in the living room. You can paint them onto wooden plaques, cut them out of metal, or use vinyl to stick the phrase right to the door or on the wall.

  • Now Welcoming Candy Collectors
  • Now Welcoming Little Monsters
  • Broom Parking – 5¢
  • Ghoulish Guests Welcome
  • Please Come In For A Bite
  • Scare Factory
  • Please Remove Your Boo’s
  • Sit For A Spell And Have Some Brew
  • Enter At Your Own Risk

Halloween Sayings for Wood Blocks

Halloween Sayings for Wood Blocks
Wood blocks come in a variety of different styles and can be used to decorate your home for a Halloween party in a variety of ways. Consider putting a vinyl saying on one, big wood block. Split up your Halloween phrase into smaller sections, paint each section onto a block, and stack them up. You can either mod podge scrapbook paper to the blocks and put the Halloween phrase on top, or you can paint the entire block. There are a lot of ways to do it. Here is a free, printable template of Halloween sayings to get you started. The details are up to you, but if you need some Halloween sayings for your blocks, the following are some fun ideas:

  • Eat, Drink, And Be Scary
  • A Haunting We Will Go
  • Beary Be-Witching
  • Boo-tiful Halloween Night
  • Bugs And Hisses!
  • Caution! Black Cat Crossing
  • I Believe In The Great Pumpkin
  • These Are The Gh’oul Times
  • We Witch You A Happy Halloween

Halloween Sayings for T-Shirts

Halloween Sayings for Tshirts Template
Create some fun t-shirts for your children, or perhaps even for yourself, with Halloween sayings such as:

Generic Halloween Phrases

Most of the above phrases and Halloween sayings can be intermixed and used for any type of craft project you are working on for Halloween. A few more generic Halloween phrases are:

  • Beware! Keep Out! Danger! Caution!
  • Trick Or Treat!
  • Ghosts & Goblins
  • Happy Haunting
  • Franken-tastic
  • Got Ghosts?
  • Happy Howl-O-Ween

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